Sunday, 28 March 2010

happy hips reloaded :)

as several people didn't make it to the first happy hips workshop and several others weren't sure about their command of sanskrit with english pronounciation ;-) i've decided there's never enough hip stuff in our lives and we might just try giving more freedom to our hips :)

(artwork by papaya)

this time, the workshop will be held in czech and will be hosted by the lovely akasha studio with a homey feel and a good vibe.

those who'd like to join us on 25 april (9.30 am - 12.30 pm) to learn some hip witchcraft can have a look and sign up here.

if you'd like to know how to move from your chair pose (and i'm not talking utkatasana here :) to the lotus pose and/or find ease both in stillness and on the move you're welcome to join. hip openers are the doorway to having a first-hand experience of openness and surrender being more important than effort.

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Friday, 26 March 2010

sunday yoga therapy course at akasha

(artwork by papaya)

it's good to get moving a bit, especially after a restful weekend, so the lovely bela from akasha and myself decided to add a sunday yoga therapy course starting 11 april.

just like with the previous courses, it's suitable for both beginners and advanced students (including teachers of yoga :) the course explores the main principles of mindful movement and breathing. the aim is to develop strength, flexibility and stability in and through yoga poses and simple sequences. leading students to greater awareness and promoting self-inquiry, the class cultivates ease in the body and the mind. therapeutic yoga focuses on the fundamentals of structural alignment to promote healthy functioning of the body systems, particularly the spine, large joints, the core and deep, postural muscles. in this class, students will be guided to learn healthy movement and breathing patterns and unlearn the ones that do them disservice – both on and off the yoga mat. the class will also include suggestions for personalised home practice, basic ayurvedic recommendations, pranayama (breathing practices), and meditation.

you'll find all the deets here.

looking forward to moving, breathing and meditating together :)

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

yoga stops traffic - 108 sun salutations

The akasha studio decided to participate in the Yoga Stops Traffic event, which will take place on March 13th 2010.

Roll out your Yoga mats for an around-the-world sun salutation, to take a stand against human trafficking in India and show your support to its millions of victims. Yoga Stops Traffick India will be led from the grounds of the Mysore Royal Palace by 90 young people from local anti-trafficking organisation Odanadi Seva Trust, many of whom are survivors of slavery, domestic abuse and forced prostitution. Over the years Astanga Yoga has come to play a vital roleto their rehabilitation process: building their physical and mental strength, restoring a sense of peace, confidence and self-worth. The Odanadi residents will be joined by at least 200 visiting yoga practitioners from around the world.

Over the past 20 years Odanadi has rescued more than 1850 women and children, carried out over 60 brothel raids and brought 137 traffickers to justice. 100% of the money raised by this event will go directly to Odanadi, to support them in carrying out this crucial work.

We invite you to join us at akasha on Saturday March 13th at 10:00 am. The Sun Salutations will be led by Tereza Cíchová and my humble saluting and cheering self :)

The traditional number of sun salutations (or surya namaskar) usually undertaken for this kind of event is 108: a sacred number in Hindu, Buddhist and many other belief systems. The average distance of the sun and the moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. There are also said to be 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra; 108 pithas, or sacred sites in India and, in astrological traditions108 also represents the nine planets.

Couple of suggestions:
We recommend that you do however many surya namaskar you can manage comfortably, or in divisions of 108 (54, 27, 13 etc) according to your ability. There are no prizes for the most number of sun salutations!

Make sure you are comfortable, wear appropriate clothing, stay hydrated and take regular breaks if need be.
At the Mysore event, the surya namaskar will be led by the Odanadi children, and counted on the podium using a big flip chart. You can count the number of sun salutations this way too, or alternatively by using stones or dried beans as counters.

To complete the full 108 surya namaskar takes an estimated 2.5 hours. You could save time by reducing the number of breaths in down dog, from five to three.

See you this Saturday :)

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